Ardoran — Organisation Overview

Ardoran is an Estonian-based SME with a focus on ICT (Information and Communication Technology), including parallel processing and high-performance embedded systems.

The company was established in 2001 and, since then, in addition to providing services to a large number of commercial clients, has participated in several multi-participant European research projects. The following summarise the main activities, expertise and services offered by the organisation.

Electronics Engineering Services

ICT — Technology and Engineering Ardoran’s wide-ranging and innovative electronics engineering services build a bridge between product development and successful, producible products. Furthermore, they extend your product’s life cycle, securing the best possible return on your development investment.

Our engineers have produced hundreds of products over the last two decades and have a broad range of industry and technology experience. This level and depth of experience helps to ensure that your internal technical resources are utilised where and when you planned and that your programme is on time and on budget.

Embedded Systems Engineering

Ardoran has been successfully developing and producing cost-effective embedded electronic solutions embedded electronic solutions for use in a variety of demanding applications and rugged environments.

Our in-house expertise allows you to realise the benefits of cost-effective, reliable electronic products and systems that your customers expect. Our engineering staff consists of multi-disciplined, industry-experienced, professional and advanced-degreed personnel. These experienced resources let you augment your in-house capabilities with precise skills in circuit design, system analysis, software development, printed circuit design, product qualification testing, manufacturing, system integration and more!

System and Application Software Engineering

You need the system delivered on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications. We understand the importance of flexibility, cost competitiveness, commitment to partnership, communication, and long-term support. We strive to help you reduce system development and maintenance costs. Our goal is to help ensure that you realise a rapid return on your investment.

Ardoran designs and implements system and application software that provides the user interfaces, communications facilities and overall control of a product, system or process. It is by addressing the customer’s specific requirements that makes the difference between a successful system and one that never fully satisfies. Unlike our competition, we're able to build custom-tailored solutions that meet customer-specific requirements for performance, operational flexibility, open data exchange, third-party system integration, and remote communications.

R & D Services

Ardoran has initiated and coordinated several large-scale pan-European projects. We can assist in putting partnerships together and developing proposals for collaborative research projects, together with project management and coordination.

Our core expertise is coming directly from industry. As a private company, we really know the meaning of value for money when it comes to applying the latest cutting edge technologies to meet real industrial challenges. Time to market, value generation and excellence in quality are our drivers to bring the best applied research and engineering approach to your business.

Our advanced engineering services and R & D solutions can help your company to optimise its industrial processes and improve product performance, quality and safety. Our experts can work with your company to offer affordable, high quality contract services tailored to the needs of your industry. We can also develop low-cost technological solutions aimed at improving critical aspects of manufacturing productivity and competitiveness.