EcoWall — Novel composite concrete insulated building materials optimised for performance and durability combined with low environmental impact

Know-how (hard hat and drawings) Specific objectives of the EcoWall project are:

The EcoWall production process involves relatively low capital expenditure, facilitating widespread replication in both large- and small-scale operations.

The construction industry is characterised by country- and regional-specific preferences in respect of building appearance and construction techniques, together with climatic-dependent performance requirements. Equally, the type and availability of appropriate waste materials varies for each country.

The process can be used to produce construction materials in a diverse range of different appearances and formats and is cost-effective even for small-scale manufacturers. Consequently, EcoWall represents an ideal solution for addressing the range of needs throughout Europe.

The business plan includes offering consultancy services and turn-key solutions for new plant start-ups. These services will include: