Embedded Systems Engineering

Ardoran has been successfully developing and producing cost-effective embedded electronic solutions for use in a variety of demanding applications and rugged environments since 2001.

Meeting of design personnelOur in-house expertise allows you to realise the benefits of cost-effective, reliable electronic products and systems that your customers expect. Our engineering staff consists of multi-disciplined, industry-experienced, professional and advanced-degreed personnel. These experienced resources let you augment your in-house capabilities with precise skills in circuit design, system analysis, software development, printed circuit design, product qualification testing, manufacturing, system integration and more!

Ardoran is a proven full-service electronic OEM product development organisation that has successfully developed solutions for numerous large as well as many smaller companies.

Our experienced design team can:

Software Design Capabilities

Ardoran offers complete software design, coding, testing, and documentation services using a software development process in a controlled environment. From complex, real-time embedded software to easy to use Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), Ardoran provides your total embedded product software solution.

Some of the microcontrollers used by Ardoran Ardoran’s software engineers design, code, test, and document software for a variety of customer requirements, including: